Hi, my name is Fortune and this blog is dedicated to my favorite straight edge jerk CM Punk.


straightedgedpunk vintage-viper are my gals fo’ life.

fo’ ever and ever

bryanmania Thanks man, really appreciate the comment! Just hope other Punk fans can realize that wrestling is still good without him.

Anonymous said:
Do you still watch wrestling even though cm punk is gone?

YES!!! He wasn’t the reason I started watching WWE haha. Plus there’s still so many good wrestlers and divas on the roster and also upcoming as well.

CM Punk in John Cena’s entrance at Wrestlemania 22.

Omg. CM Punk is adorable and I feel like I've just fallen in a pitfall and I'll probably not get out for a long while.

Yeah, he’s as cute as a baby pug with a diva attitude.


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