"Nope, thank YOU. Thanks for all the help and support through the years. Health and happiness above all. Don’t ever take any shit from anybody."

I want to hug and kiss bigelangston because she knows my pain on Punk leaving the wwe.

Nope, thank YOU. Thanks for all the help and support through the years. Health and happiness above all. Don’t ever take any shit from anybody.

This is my 2014 Follow Forever
These blogs make my Tumblr experience simply amazing, just seeing your posts on my dash makes me smile. Bolds are my extra faves. Also, a lot of blogs have changed URL’s since I was last fully active on here, so if I’ve left anyone out I am so sorry!

0wenhart || ambr0ses || ambrolleigns || badnewsbarretts || bigelangston || briemode || cam-skellington || chrisjericho || cmpvnks || dailydeanambrose || deanarmbrose || dolphslays || doscarasjr || fyeahambrose || gingermilkytea || glamslams || maryse0uellet || mcmahonism


nikkimode || nuclearoverreactor || princesdevitt || pornstardust|| punkedbyambrose || randycreampufforton || reeneyoung || rethsollins || robvandamdatass || rollins-central || romanreigned || romvnreigns || saminzayn || sethballins || sethsplits || straightedgedpunk || sunsethflips || thashield || thebabesofjustice ||thehoundsofjustice|| theprincethrone || theshielddaily || tylrblack || unbolivable || wrestlingjesus || youareajabroni


So, I felt like doing another forever follow since so many people have put me on theirs and since a lot of people have changed their URLs since my last one. I don’t follow many people, but the ones that I do keep my dash interesting, pretty, mostly drama free, and amazing. I thank every single one of my 2.3+ followers for following and supporting me for how long ever you’ve been following me and know that I love and notice every single one of you. As for the people I follow, you already know I love you and you have a special place in my heart. Bold are my absolute favorite blogs. I’m sorry if I missed anyone, like I said, a lot of people have changed their URLs and I’m too derp to keep up with all of them. ♡


alone-alive-still-unbroken, ambr0sesambrxse, ambreignsx, badnewsbarretts, believeinthereigns, cmwhore, crookedmoonsaultpunk, cultofpunk, deanarmbrose, dolphslays, fyeahambrose, insanityallthetime, jerryscantrell, jonmoxlay, king-johann, kingofauthority, moxleysmistress, punkedbyambrose


realrocknrollas, romenreigns, saminzaynsethballins, skyhighrollins, stayoutofmypersonallifestraightedgemeansimbetterthanyoustraightedgedpunktapla, thashield, theprincethrone, thevaudevillains, twerkforambrose, tylrblackuce-o, wrasslers, wrestlingjesus, youwantfandoms,  ziggelangston

I never really know what to say for these things so I will just keep it short and simple. Thank you guys for making my dash very entertaining I really appreciate it and also Thank you for being such Radical people. With that being said here are the people who are listed on this crappy follow forever I made! :) (p.s the ones that are bold are my most favorite)

abc: bigelangston, babyfuckincakes, bryansbeard, cmpunkappreciation, cmpunkarmy, cmwhore

def: devilitt, deanarmbrose

ghi: itseulonzobitch

jkl: jerichoed, jonmoxlay, jimdrugfree, kingofauthority

mno: ///

pqr: punkedbyambrose, protonexus, robvandamdatass, realrocknrollas, romenreigns

stuv: smashleybanks, sheslikealostflower, theprincethrone, twerkforambrose, thehoundsofjustice, thashield, thisfireburnsalways

wxyz: ///

+blogroll For those that are not on here I am really sorry! These are just the people I mostly see on my dash.

Anonymous asked: Can you please tell me the name and/or the style of the font you use in your gifs?

I use calibri